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Application Type Requisition Number Position Title Location
View Administrative FINCH PRINCIPAL William Finch Elementary School Principal Atlanta Public Schools
View Administrative PERKERSON PRINCIPAL Perkerson Elementary School Principal Atlanta Public Schools
View Administrative 4269 2017-2018 Assistant Principal John Lewis Invictus Atlanta Public Schools
View Administrative 6123 Program Director (School-Based Support) Chief Schools Office
View Administrative 6119 Coordinator (K-5 Science) Deputy Superintendent
View Administrative 6118 Coordinator (K-5 Mathematics) Deputy Superintendent
View Administrative 6120 Coordinator (K-5 Social Studies) Deputy Superintendent
View Administrative 6122 Director (Curriculum and Instruction) Deputy Superintendent
View Administrative 6116 Executive Director of Accounting Services Finance
View Administrative 6127 Assistant Director (Enterprise Applications) Information Services
View Administrative 6129 Assistant Director (IT PMO) Information Technology
View Administrative 6131 Coordinator (Instructional Leadership) Professional Development
View Administrative 6141 Executive Director (Communications & Public Engagement) Superintendent
View Administrative 6132 Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator Teaching and Learning