Light Cleaner/Fireman (Back-fill)
Facilities, Maintenance and Plant Operations
Other - Position - Non-Certified
Job Number 4600104349
Start Date
Open Date 12/02/2015
Closing Date
High School diploma or GED equivalent required.
Essential Job Functions
1. Operate switches to fire boilers and water heaters.
2. Perform routine inspections of boilers and water heaters and perform routine maintenance on equipment.
3. Grease and oil equipment, coils, pumps, gate valves, mechanical equipment, and fittings as necessary.
4. Inspect and change filters in ventilation units as necessary.
5. Vacuum exhaust grills.
6. Insure water treatment units are functioning properly.
7. Inspect and grease air handling units and filters as necessary.
8. Service heating equipment.
9. Maintains outside of buildings by cutting grass, removing snow, salting walkways, and removing rubbish.
10. Sets up tables in cafeteria area.
11. Cleans cafeteria after breakfast programs by sweeping, spot mopping and removing rubbish.
12. Thoroughly cleans cafeteria area after lunch programs by removing tables, sweeping, mopping, and removing rubbish.
13. Cleans, sweeps and mops shower rooms, offices, and restrooms.
14. Uses automatic machines to clean, scrub and polish floors.
15. Unloads deliver trucks and places supplies and delivered items in proper storage areas.
16. Sweeps halls and classrooms.
17. Dusts and washes chalkboards and chalk trays.
18. Wipes off and cleans desktops.
19. Cleans bathroom fixture, toilets, mirrors etc.
20. Washes walls in bathrooms and classrooms.
21. Cleans fixtures, windows, and other areas that can be accesses with ladder over six feet in height.
22. Replaces light bulbs at heights more that six feet from floor.
23. Removes heavier loads of rubbish from classrooms and bathrooms.
24. Mops floors in bathrooms, classrooms and small hallways.
25. Spot cleans and mops stairwells as needed.
26. Thoroughly mops stairwells once per week.
27. Performs routine cleaning and maintenance of equipment used.
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