Food Service Manager Trainee (10 Months)
Food Service
Other - Position - Non-Certified
Job Number 4600128673
Start Date
Open Date 02/14/2017
Closing Date
Food Service Manager Trainee $12.96 per hour

Minimum 6 hours per day, 10 Months
Education/Vocational Requirements:
1. High School Diploma or GED required. Associate or Bachelor's Degree in food service or a related profession preferred.

Must have knowledge and experience in meal program operations in terms of meal preparation and accountability.

Must be able to read, comprehend and perform written and oral instructions.

Must be a certified food handler.

Previous experience in school food service monitoring paperwork, entering time sheets, preparing orders and meal accountability preferred.

Must be able to travel to all of the schools in the city. Vehicle ownership preferred.

Act 168 Misconduct Disclosure, Act 34 Background Check, Act 151 Child Abuse Background Check, and FBI clearances required. Health Appraisal including TB test must be submitted.

Required to complete the ServSafe certification class and take the exam.
Residency Requirements City of Pittsburgh Residency Required
Essential Job Functions
1. Completes training in managing all types of meal programs in Pittsburgh Public Schools

2. Covers for managers and supervisory aides II schools when they call off

When Covering schools:
A. Performs all of the duties of the schools managers or supervisory aides II
B. Handles the schools food service worker or supervisory aides I call-offs and distribution of extra time (if applicable)
C. Reports the schools food service worker or supervisory aides I poor performance, absenteeism, tardiness and insubordination problems to the schools manager or supervisory aide II for preparation of disciplinary action
D. Monitors the meal service in terms of meal preparation, serving, food safety, waste and food portioning control and meal accountability
E. Enforces all cash handling procedures, secures all cash and prepares the bank pick up
F. Prepares the schools daily orders
G. Checks and signs all delivery receipts for all orders
H. Prepares all school meal accountability entries
I. Prepares weekly payrolls based on the information recorded daily on the schools daily time sheets
J. Makes arrangements for equipment maintenance and repairs as well as the proper cleaning of equipment
K. Provides supportive information and completes special projects as assigned by the Site Managers or any other supervisory staff from the Food Service Center
Additional Job Information
Work Aids:
Essential Electrical Equipment, Computers, Telephone, Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Reference Materials, Essential Vehicles

Physical Demands:
1. Standing: Food Service Manager Trainees are required to stand approximately 15-25% of the day on flat surfaces. Periods of continual standing can be up to 30 minutes at one time and are performed while preparing and serving meals. May also serve hot and cold foods, wipe tables and chairs. Standing is performed intermittently with sitting and walking.
2. Walking: Food Service Manager Trainee walk approximately 25-35% of the workday. Continual walking is performed for periods up to 20 minutes at one time. Supervisory Aides II are able to change positions at their own discretion. He/she walks while performing duties in the kitchen and cafeteria areas. Walking is performed intermittently with standing and sitting.
3. Sitting: Food Service Manager Trainees are able to sit in high-backed, padded, swivel chairs approximately 40 to 60% of the workday. The amount of continual sitting is at the discretion of the Food Service Manager. Sitting is performed intermittently with walking and standing.
4. Lifting: The lifting requirements of the Food Service Manager Trainees are minimal. They are required to lift a 30-pound box of paper on an occasional (11-33%) basis and office supplies weighing less than 10 pounds on a frequent basis (34-67%). Lifting is performed primarily from floor to shoulder level.
5. Carrying: The above listed items, weighing less than 20 pounds, are carried on an occasional basis (11-33%) throughout the day over distances approximately 10-15 feet at one time. The typical carrying requirements of this position do not exceed 20 pounds.
6. Pushing/Pulling: Pushing/Pulling: Food Service Manager Trainees are required to push and pull file cabinet and desk drawers on an occasional basis (11-33%) throughout the course of the workday. These drawers move in and out with approximately 4 to 8 pounds of force. In this regard, pushing and pulling can be expected to be performed approximately zero to 15 times per hour.
7. Climbing: No significant amount of climbing is required of this position.
8. Balancing: No significant amount balancing is required
9. Reaching: Food Service Manager Trainees are required to reach on a frequent basis (34-67%) throughout the day while performing typical job functions. Reaching is primarily performed between the knee and shoulder levels. Rarely, (1-10%), overhead reaching is required to secure items stored above head level. Reaching between knee and shoulder levels may be performed unilaterally with either upper appendage on an occasional (11-33%) basis.
10. Handling/Dexterity: Fine manipulation is a requirement of this position while operating the computer. Food Service Manager Trainee must also possess legible handwriting, which can be understood by both employees and management. A light gross grasp is required to handle office equipment and supplies.

Hazards: None observed.

Environmental Exposures:
1. Inside: 100% Outside: 0%
2. Extreme Cold: Coolers/Freezer
Extreme Heat: Ovens
3. Extreme Humidity: N/A
Extreme Dryness: N/A
4. Extreme Noise: N/A
Extreme Quiet: N/A
5. Dust: N/A
Odors: Cooking
Fumes/Gases: N/A
Chemicals: N/A
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