English Learners Teacher (Grades K-4) 2017-18
Lakeland Elementary
10050 Oak Seed Lane
Lakeland, TN 38002
Certified - Position - English as a Second Language
Job Number 4600129892
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Successful certified applicants who have attained at least three consecutive years of TCRS service in any Shelby County school system (Shelby County Schools, Arlington Community Schools, Bartlett City Schools, Collierville Schools, Germantown Municipal School District, or Millington Municipal School District) as of July 1, 2016 and who are hired by Lakeland School System directly from any Shelby County school system prior to October 15th, 2018 will have prior service credit from those systems transferred to Lakeland School System for the purposes of retirement, post-retirement health insurance vesting, and salary schedule. In addition, teachers hired in the aforementioned category will be placed on the "Legacy" LSS salary schedule that recognizes steps and lanes for advanced degrees.