Title I Tutors at Thrival Academy
Title Office 989
Certified - Special Area - Tutor
Job Number 4600166472
Start Date 10/31/2018
Open Date 11/01/2018
Closing Date
Additional Job Information
Title I Tutors
To provide supplemental reading and math instruction to eligible Title I students after school, before school and during the day.

A valid Indiana State Teacher?s License
Must meet the highly qualified requirements for NCLB

Experience: Successful teaching experience including addressing the needs of under achieving students.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
? Identify the Title I nonpublic school students eligible for Title I services
? Administer diagnostic and assessment instruments to determine student skill deficiencies and academic mastery
? Actively engage students with minds on/hands on activities
? Provide ongoing quality instruction
? Utilize different methods and strategies than those used by the nonpublic classroom teacher
? Maintain accurate student achievement records
? Communicate students? progress to classroom teachers, parents and the nonpublic school administrator
? Maintain accurate program documentation

Salary: $30.00 per hour